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While the days are still hot, there’s a chill in the nighttime air that lets you know autumn will be here soon! Breezy sun dresses, tank tops and flip flops were your summer uniform, but now it’s time to think about how to transition your wardrobe from summer to fall.

Instead of ditching your summer wardrobe altogether, we’ve thought up some ways to use your summer staples in new ways! You already have the foundation for a great fall wardrobe in your closet, and with the addition of a few new pieces you’ll have a closet that works for all four seasons!

Light Layers

Light Layers

Light layers instantly make any outfit cozier and more autumnal. A soft flannel over your favorite summer tank top is cute and functional! Tie the flannel around your waste if you get too hot and pull it back on when it’s time to sit around a bonfire.

Don’t know how to layer? Follow the “long over lean” rule. Layer longer length tops, like a flannel, over leaner bottoms such as leggings or skinny jeans. This rule helps to avoid the bulkiness that can sometimes be a result of too much layering.

Invest in Some Lace

Invest in Some Lace

Similar to the idea of light layers is adding some lace! A lace top over a tank in a fall hue is the perfect way to extend the life of your summer wardrobe. Pair the look with your favorite jeans for an outfit you’ll be wearing all season long.

Add Darker Colors

Add Dark Colors

Summer clothes are all bright colors, prints and patterns, but a fall wardrobe is typically more subdued. This doesn’t mean you have to stop wearing bright colors, though. Those red pants you love? Pair them with a black top instead of a white one for an A+ transitional outfit. The addition of the deeper color will tone down the red, resulting in a more cohesive and fall-appropriate outfit.

If you don’t own pieces in dark colors or jewel tones, be on the lookout for low-cost pieces that you can mix in with the ones you already own. At Peter Harris, our inventory of affordable designer clothing is always changing, meaning you’ll always find something you love!

Play with Prints

Play with Prints

One of our favorite ways to dress during those few weeks of not quite summer but not quite fall is by wearing long sleeve tops that feature summery prints and patterns. Keeping a few tops with fun prints on hand to pair with jeans and boots. You’ll look and feel great knowing your outfit it cute and seasonally appropriate.

Shopping for Fall Clothing

It can be easy to spend a lot of money quickly when you see all of the shops featuring fall styles in their window displays. However, by implementing a few key pieces like flannel shirts, a pair of boots, and some new jeans, your summer clothing can have new life breathed into it.

You can save even more money when shopping for your fall wardrobe by stopping at Label Shopper! We feature the latest designers and styles at unbeatable prices. With an inventory that’s always changing you’ll find clothes you love all year round. Find the location closest to you today!

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