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It’s summertime, and the temperature’s rising! As temperatures climb, so do the opportunities to show off your new summer fashions. But with so many fashion trends hitting the runway, it can be tough to decide which trends are best suited to your vibe and lifestyle. That’s why we’ve rounded up this list of hot summer trends that are sure to give you fashionable flair!

Crop It Up

Crop tops are fun and flirty, with a trendy flair that makes them an absolute must-have during hot summer months. Put one on with a pair of shorts for an outfit that’s casual and fun. You can also experiment with different shoes—either sneakers or cute flats.

Mellow yellow is also a great way to bring some sunshine into your wardrobe. Light and inviting, it’s one of those versatile colors that look good on just about everyone. Whether you want to pop it with black shorts or let it peek out underneath a denim jacket, there are so many options available for how you can wear a mellow yellow top in style. And don’t forget a pair of sunglasses!

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Switch Up This Summer

If there’s one summertime uniform, it’s a breezy, bold tank top. The easygoing vibe of these warm-weather outfits is one of their best traits—so don’t fight it. Make sure you have enough options so you can change up your look when you get tired of your favorites (or just want to wear something new). Look for clothes that are light, airy and can be mixed and matched with a minimum amount of effort. You know, like wearing sandals with floral shorts or a short lightweight cardigan.

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Prints, Solids & Stripes, Oh My!

Tees are a classic summer wardrobe staple. Aim for bright solid colors that will keep you cool when it’s hot outside. Stripes work well too; they draw attention and have a fun easy-going vibe! Loud funky prints are fun too and make sure they scream “life of the party!”

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Perfect for Fun in the Sun

If you’re looking for a casual summer look, go with flowy prints in soft colors. Capri pants or shorts will keep you cool during hot summer days. Denim shorts are also trendy right now. Look for them in medium shades of indigo rather than bleached-out blue (it’s a more sophisticated look). Be sure not to skip sandals, they’ll keep your toes breathing! A plain colored short paired with these three pieces will complete your summer look perfectly.

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