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Memorial Day is a time to honor, remember, and celebrate the brave men and women who have sacrificed in service to our country! Memorial Day weekend is the perfect time to get together with family and friends. To mark this special occasion, wearing patriotic colors like red, white, and blue are always a great choice! Whether you’re celebrating with a backyard BBQs, attending your towns parade, or just spending time with loved ones, it’s important to dress for the occasion!

Women's red white and blue memorial day dresses












The classic color combination of red, white, and blue is great for warmer days and getting into the spirit of Memorial Day! Go all out for the day by wearing a dress that encompasses all colors. Our dresses can be styled up or styled down depending on your plans! If you’re attending a casual backyard party, choose a cute pair of flip flops and you’re ready to go. If you are looking to dress up your look, throw on a pair of wedges or heels, and add some accessories.


Women's red and white pants with a matching shirt for memorial day

A plain white tee is one of our favorite pieces ever! A staple in every closet, you can pair a white tee with any bottom of your choice! For a special occasion like Memorial Day, we recommend opting for a pop of color and choosing red or blue capri pants or jeans. We love these outfits, and if you think the weather might turn chilly, always bring along a sweater or jacket!

We also love a great pair of white jeans! White jeans will bring your look up a notch and give your outfit a sophisticated feel. Keep it simple with a bold blue or red shirt and a few accessories or find a fun multi-color shirt to make your look pop!

Women's red sweater and white shirt with matching shorts












For men, our favorite Memorial Day look is a classic short-sleeve colorful button up. We have so many styles to choose from! Find your favorite pattern and pick up a new pair of khaki shorts to match! We also love the opposite, find a pair of shorts in a fun colorful pattern, and snag a matching red, white, or blue tee. You can never go wrong with this combination!

Show your support and appreciation this Memorial Day by dressing in patriotic colors and remembering the meaning behind the day. Stop in to a store near you to stock up on your red, white, and blues at our incredible prices! Don’t forget to check out our new online store, Elliot Avenue by Label Shopper to shop home décor, accessories, and more. Visit our website to find a Label Shopper near you!