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Discount brand name clothing at Label Shopper




At Label Shopper, our buyers hunt for discount brand name clothing - perfectly good, excellent quality cancellations and over-runs by manufacturers. We know where to find them. We know when and where they tend to occur. We also know that manufacturers are forced to sell these famous maker clothing brands at unbelievable low prices to make room in their warehouses.

Through Label Shopper, miscalculations and mistakes are turned into fashion bargain opportunites. To preserve our relationship with these vendors, we agree NOT to use any designer or mall store name in our advertising. We are often asked to remove the store name from the item or put a black line through the label.

This is the only difference between our clothes and the merchandise in those other stores. You will find trendy, misses apparel, men's clothing, great fashion accessories and famous label handbags that make finding great fashion on a budget easy!

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The truth is: Everything at LabelShopper is discounted 25-70% off what you'd pay in department, specialty or mall stores. It's really amazing!


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